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Relocating to HK and starting a new comedy room

After spending my whole life living and performing in Australia, it's time to leap into a new city.

I'm basing myself in Hong Kong for the next six months and possibly longer depending on how things go. In terms of work, I'll be between Hong Kong and Australia when required. It's an exciting time given it's now more acceptable to work remotely and do away with old notions of being tied to one place.

Of course a big factor was being in a long-distance relationship, which was touched on in my recent comedy show with my partner Mohammed Magdi.

Mohammed runs a comedy production company, Backstage Comedy, and has just launched a new comedy night at Lips Bar in Wan Chai. The sleek and sexy bar sits within the Grand Hyatt and is providing five nights of cocktails and entertainment each week (Tue-Sat).

There's free comedy, magic and a live band so if you're ever visiting Hong Kong, make sure to drop in and say hi. You'll either find me on stage or working the tech desk.

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