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Next stop, Sydney! 'Gold' opens this week

An Asian woman painted gold with her hand resting on her face, smiling. She wears a blonde wig.
Photo by Emma Holland

Annie will perform at the Sydney Comedy Festival for two nights at The Enmore theatre.

After opening 'Gold' at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, I'm taking it to my new second home, Sydney. I spent the first few months of this year flying between the two cities as the 'China Tonight' program shoots out of Sydney.

I only know a handful of people there so if you have a connection, let them know to head along to the show! Book tickets here.

Audiences so far have loved the show, including those who used Promotix:

–'Fast-paced, entertaining show. I had a great night.'

–'We were still laughing about some of her jokes days after the show.'

–'Incredible. Would go again.'

After this I'll be performing at the Bondi Festival in July. Stay tuned for more details.


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