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New podcast is here! Wedding Disasters with Annie Louey

I've just launched a brand new podcast series featuring Aussie comedians talking about wild weddings encounters.

The first guest on the podcast is comedian, writer and sketch performer Lena Moon. You might recognise Lena from my webseries, From the Hearse's Mouth, where she talked about her mum's funeral. Well, she's BACK, this time to talk about another chaotic family event and a live-streamed wedding she was invited to last-minute in Vegas – complete with a budget Elvis impersonator.

In this episode we also talk about a Reddit disaster story involving an ill-fated owl that was supposed to make a grand entrance into a wedding but that idea fell flat (literally...)

You can watch or listen now via Apple Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube. More episodes coming soon! Brought to you by Wedsure insurance. Check out their website for more information.


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