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Comedy for just 10 bucks

Show your support by streaming Annie's latest show, 'Annie Louey's Big Break' online.

Stupid Old Studios Presents is a series of ongoing live and on-demand comedy shows supporting artists affected by COVID-19. Head to Stupid Old Studio Presents to stream the show.

'Annie Louey's Big Break' is the fiercest show yet from one of Melbourne’s fastest rising stand-up stars.

It was 2019. Annie Louey was an optimist. She believed in love and she thought she had found it. Her Chinese mother was already planning the wedding. Then, Annie was dumped on the opening night of her Comedy Festival show.

Break ups make you do crazy things. Annie watched ‘Kill Bill’ on repeat then did a TAFE course to become a marriage celebrant. Now she can marry as many people as she wants. Take that!

In 2020, Annie is ready to throw away the fairy tale ending and turn those lemons into lemonade, with a generous dash of gin.

Directed by Liz Skitch, with original music performed by Miranda Hill and additional music by Alice Bennett.

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