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Annie drops into on Cheap Seats

Annie with hosts Tim McDonald and Melanie Bracewell

I paid a visit to the incredibly popular Channel 10 program last night, to chat weddings and funerals with hosts Tim and Mel.

Believe it or not, it was my first time doing a studio chat in front of a live audience! It felt like an exciting cross between doing stand-up and my regular TV presenting in a studio. It helped that warm up comedian Ben Lomas (who also starred in my web series 'From The Hearse's Mouth') got the audience utterly hyped and ready for a good time.

During the chat I reveal what inspired me to become a celebrant and share some of the bonkers tales from my years of working in events.

The episode also features former Matildas player and sports commentator Amy Chapman and cultural correspondent Mel Tracina. Watch it all on 10 Play now.

If you're interested in booking me for weddings, funerals or divorce parties, send me a message via my contact form!

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