Hugging Comedians review / by Annie Louey


Hugging Comedians was invited to check out Annie Louey’s 2018 Melbourne International Comedy Festival show Butt Donut, which covers a personal narrative of family, growing up and dealing with adversity.
Annie tells a story well, she blends humour and pathos seamlessly alongside some killer high kicks! Her story is unique and should have takeaways for audiences. As discussed in a chat with Annie prior to the festival (read it here), Annie’s journey into comedy is unlike others and she has stories worth listening to.
Butt Donut’ is an entertaining show filled with moving pieces. There are laughs to be had as Annie has both comedic intelligence and commitment to a scene; these laughs are consistent but not raucous.
This show (and Annie) has a strong heart and is well intentioned. It might not be gut-busting from start to finish but it offers a lot to MICF audiences in terms of storytelling and a fresh comedic perspective.