The Advertiser Review / by Annie Louey


BUTT Donut is a name that doesn’t give much away. While I’m not sure what I was expecting — perhaps something ultra lewd? — it certainly wasn’t what we got.

Victorian comic Annie Louey, making her Adelaide Fringe debut, is a one-woman show — literally.

She worked the door at the Black Bull Hotel in Adelaide and did her own intro before launching into a story of personal tragedy and growth.

The 24-year-old embraced her surroundings at the Hindley St venue — sticky dance floor and all — and didn’t leave us hanging too long to discover the relevance of her show title (hallelujah!).

There was talk of a near-death experience, secrets, lies and burning things. Sounds like a gloomy run sheet, right? Well, Annie managed to make the whole thing oddly uplifting and a little bit silly.

It wasn’t screamingly funny. But it was a surprising and, at times, moving performance.

And props to Annie for donating 10 per cent of ticket sales to the KIDS Foundation. I’ll let her explain why.