Lemon Comedy #4 - Hugging Comedians

Published on Hugging Comedians

On 17 October 2017, I checked out Lemon Comedy at Hares and Hyenas. For my first experience at the comedy room, the line-up included Alistair Baldwin (MC), Claire Hagan, Matthew Vasquez, Annie LoueyElyce PhillipsAurelia St ClairKimberly Twiner of PO PO MO CO and Kirsty Webeck.
Lemon Comedy is held every month with $15 entry or $10 for concessions*. What does the * mean? No one is turned away due to a lack of funds, punters are recommended to get in touch with Lemon Comedy if cash flow is going to be an issue. Lemon Comedy strives to promote different voices in comedy and wants to celebrate diversity, which is reflected in their line-ups and stood out in the material on the night.
Alistair Baldwin kicked off the evening as our MC with light-hearted but occasionally cynical tones. While Alistair occasionally dabbled in self-deprecation, he followed these moments with bursts of intense confidence and strong material. He was a supportive and friendly host who kept the night flowing well. Speaking of friendly, Matthew Vasquez had immediate onstage rapport. He performed with a smile throughout as he ran through some insights into his heritage and his favourite extracurricular activities.
Annie Louey and Aurelia St Clair were two comedians who I had never seen perform before but who left a really good impression. Annie who had just come off a sell-out 2017 Melbourne Fringe Festival with her show ‘Butt Donut’, delivered a confident set covering anecdotes of love, loss and racism. After living dangerously and entering the scene with gusto, Aurelia also covered some personal stories that drew solid laughs. What stood out is the cheeky perspective that Aurelia's jokes took, which often came as a surprise and delighted. In particular, her commentary on IT security was endearing.  
Claire Hagan performed one of the best sets I have seen from her. She delivered a well-crafted piece with many new takes and clever quips on issues ranging from body image to serial killers. The flow and the interlinking nature of the set demonstrated the time and care that had gone into its preparation. Claire drew consistent, good laughs from the crowd and was a strong opener to the night.
Two refreshing and entertaining sketch pieces broke up the stand-up focussed evening. Elyce Phillips closed out the first bracket with excitement and enthusiasm as an all-too-believable salesperson. She used her props to good effect, which included some simple but adorable cartoons. In the second bracket, the ever-entertaining Kimberly Twiner of PO PO MO CO entered incognito and showed off her hip-hop skills. Kimberly demonstrated her talent of drawing in an audience and then executing left field but hilarious routines. She showed a lot of patience and faith that her build-up would help the piece resonate…which it did.
After seeing Kirsty Webeck own the stage at the Vote YES Comedy Gala, it was great to see her work a smaller room. Kirsty closed out the night with a cracking set covering a range of pieces, primarily centred on stories from her life. Even if a little distracted by the microphone stand, she owned the stage and enjoyed the time in front of the supportive audience.
Thanks Lemon Comedy for a really enjoyable evening. Check out their Facebook page for details of the next Lemon Comedy event.
If you run a comedy night or are a comedian in Melbourne, get in touch and we can sit down for a chat/interview. Contact Hugging Comedians on Facebook, Twitter or through the website.